Women & Their Work invites students from Austin area schools to the gallery for a tour and art-making workshop.

Each program is one hour. In the first half hour, students explore the work and themes in the gallery with a trained educator. When possible, the exhibiting artist leads the tour, illuminating her artistic processes for students and encouraging students to explore their own ideas about the work.

After the gallery tour, students experiment with materials and techniques similar to those used by the exhibiting artist, allowing them to better understand the art-making process. Tours are free to all students and teachers. For title 1 schools, Women & Their Work can offer assistance with transportation costs and funding for a half-day substitute teacher.

Tours are available Monday-Friday, from 10 AM- 6 PM. Tours are typically one hour. Maximum number of students per tour is 30.

For more information, contact

Diane Sikes, Program Director

(512) 477-1064