BoCCa’s Mission

We EMPOWER youth to become multilingual and biliterate. We utilize a storytelling approach based on the cultural heritage that embraces their linguistically diverse voices and highlights them through performing arts and the use of digital media.

Bilingual Storytelling Program (2nd-5th grades)

  • Focus on folktales, fairytales, fables, and legends.
  • TEKS-aligned curriculum
  • Cultural stories from around the world
  • Emphasis on U.S. Southwest and Latin America
  • Emphasis on performance art

Digital Storytelling Program (2nd-5th grades)

  • TEKS-aligned curriculum
  • Elements of the program:
  • Digital storytelling process
  • Storyboard process
  • Types of digital stories – live-action, animation, and stop-motion


“As a dual language teacher in Austin ISD I strongly support the work that BoCCa is doing to provide my students with their storytelling program. Together, we are promoting multilingualism and multicultural understanding. It’s a different approach than the regular school setting, my students are motivated to learn, engaged through cultural diversity and learning a new technology world. I hope to be able to keep collaborating with BoCCa and supporting their amazing work!”

Blanca Galvez-Perez, 3rd grade dual language, Andrews Elementary, Austin ISD

“BoCCa is absolutely essential for our communities. In my community, we have speakers of 19 different languages, including Spanish, and have a diverse cultural representation. BoCCa provides opportunities for our community to embrace their diverse languages and cultures and use art to continue to embrace them.”

Kristin Riley, Assistant Principal, PK-6th elementary school


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