Austin Community Steelband’s professional Steelpan school’s high quality in school, after school, and workshop music programs teach students to play this unique instrument through steelband’s engaging musical teamwork experience.  Instruction, stressing excellence, motivates and guides them in developing their talent and creativity to become proficient performers.  We incorporate Trinidad’s traditional instruction method that stimulates students’ curiosity and helps them learn quickly, which engages, creates interest, and transcends culture and language difficulties while addressing music TEKS.  Our Trinidad-born instructors provide personal interaction and experience rarely found outside Trinidad, steelpan’s birthplace.  We also provide performances.

Previous Experience/References:
*Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy 3 years (formerly Pearce Middle School 5 years)
Principal:  Christina Almaraz
*Fulmore Middle School-Principal: Lisa Bush
*Blackshear Elementary Fine Arts Acadmey –Principal: Rick Garner
*L.L. Campbell Elementary Media & Performing Arts Institute –
Principal: Keith Moore

“Austin Community Steelband offers music classes in several of our afterschool programs.  In addition to having serious class time with expert instruction, the students have the opportunity to work with professional musicians and learn about the history and culture of the music.  The teachers and curriculum are excellent.”  Sabine Coleman, Austin ISD Administrative Supervisor of Partnerships

“Austin Community Steelband’s Musical Director Cecil Francis and his beautiful musical arrangements created excitement and joy.  The Steelband definitely puts the students first as they design their thoughtful lessons.”  Rick Garner, Blackshear Elementary Fine Arts Academy Principal

“Austin Community Steelband’s program provides Fulmore students opportunity to perform publicly for Central Texas residents and at Fulmore. Fulmore’s band director encouraged his students to join their program because of resulting marked improvement in their rhythm and musical technique.”  Lucy Figueroa, Fulmore Middle School 8th grade U.S. History Teacher, Afterschool Coordinator

“My acknowledgement stands as testament to the importance of Austin Community Steelband’s program. We cannot deny the very importance of the fine arts in education. This is a program that builds self-esteem, confidence and motivates students to do their very best in all areas of an academic day.  There is a sense of pride that washes over them as they play. It is breathtaking to watch. Their faces are serious as they begin to play and then melt into smiles as they sway with the rhythm of the steeldrums.” — Cheryl Bradley, former Austin ISD Trustee, District