Arts Integrated Show/Lesson (3-12)

Travel back to ancient India through the 2000 year old Indian storytelling dance! Students will learn about the Indus Valley civilization through PowerPoint and a dance drama based on a Hindu epic. This educational and entertaining program is a wonderful way to learn about the development and collapse of one of the greatest ancient civilizations. Topics such as Hinduism, caste system, and the trade between Indus Valley and Mesopotamian civilizations will also be addressed for upper grade students.

Workshops (PK-12)

Japanese Calligraphy (3-12)                                  

Shadow Puppet (PK-8)                                               

Indian Dance (3-12)

Residency Programs (PK-9)

After watching a Balinese shadow puppet play based on the beloved Indonesian folktale of Kancir the Mouse-deer, students will make a shadow puppet and try it out with the screen and light. They will also be introduced to different styles of shadow puppets from various parts of Asia.

Japanese Calligraphy (3-12)                                                

Learn the art of Japanese calligraphy! Students will enjoy anecdotes relating to the history of Japanese calligraphy and try writing their name in Japanese characters with a brush and ink. Upper grade students will also acquire the basic knowledge of Japanese alphabets.

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