Assembly Shows (K-12)

STORIES FROM JAPAN (Japanese Mask Dance & Drama)
Enjoy mythical folklore through mask dance and drama that has been performed at Japanese Shinto shrines for centuries. Meet Lucky Gods who bring joy and happiness to people. Try on the Hyottoko (the Funny Man) mask and dance merrily. Audience members will participate in the dance-drama based on Japan’s oldest myth of a serpent slayer.

STORIES FROM INDIA (Indian Storytelling Dance)
Enjoy magical tales presented through the lively Indian storytelling dance that has been existing for approximately 2000 years. Try Indian dance steps, poses, and symbolic hand gestures called mudra. Take a role in the dance drama based on a beloved Hindu epic.

STORIES FROM BALI (Balinese Mask Dance & Drama)
Learn about cultural values and beliefs of Balinese people which are expressed through dance masks and drama. Experience the exquisite art from the far away land and learn fascinating facts about Bali, all while trying dance masks, participating in a dance-drama or learning a Balinese song in fun atmosphere. 


Arts Integrated Show/Lesson (3-12)

Travel back to ancient India through the 2000 year old Indian storytelling dance! Students will learn about the Indus Valley civilization through PowerPoint, mini-dance practice, and participation in a dance drama based on a Hindu epic. This educational and entertaining program is a wonderful way to learn about the development and collapse of one of the greatest ancient civilizations. Topics such as Hinduism, caste system, and the trade between Indus Valley and Mesopotamian civilizations will also be addressed for upper grade students.


Workshops (PK-12)

Shadow Puppet (PK-8)
Indian Dance (K-12)
Balinese Dance (3-12)
Japanese Calligraphy (3-12)


Residency Program

Enjoy a Balinese shadow puppet play based on a beloved Indonesian folktale (PK-2) or Hindu epic (3-12). The presentation for PreK-2nd grade students emphasizes Science and Mathematics. They will review the names of basic shapes through shadow play, practice counting, and explore basic scientific knowledge. The program for 3rd-5th grade students focuses on Social Studies. They will learn about Bali; geography and cultural values that are reflected in its shadow puppet theatre. They will also be introduced to different styles of shadow puppets from various parts of Asia. This residency program consists of one half hour shadow puppet performance (100 students max.) plus 4 shadow puppet making workshops (25 max. per workshop).  


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